Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spanish decor with obelisks - Lorenzo Castillo

In March I posted some photos from Elle Decor of a home decorated by the Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo - Elegant obelisks in Spain. His web site reveals a love of obelisks!

In this elegant modern entryway he uses a grouping of obelisks to anchor one end of the console table. I count five obelisks of various materials and sizes. How elegant!

On this moody dining  table setting, Castillo uses a two obelisks to wonderful effect.

This mantel piece in Castillo's Madrid apartment is classically decorated with a pair of marble obelisks, neoclassical candle sticks, and the smart brass lion. Very chic!

Lorenzo Castillo shows us three great places to decorate with obelisks - the entryway for an elegant entrance, the dining table for drama, and the mantel piece for classic chic!

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  1. I love the magazine! Congrats..

    Boca do Lobo


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