Monday, May 30, 2011

Obelisks in the bedroom

Since obelisks add instant chic, why not include them in the bedroom.

Both photos Designer Timothy Corrigan

In these very different bedrooms designer Timothy Corrigan included obelisks in the decorating scheme. In the top photo, the pair of monochrome obelisks add a refined decoration to the mantle in the French style bedroom. 

In the bottom photo, a mixed set of obelisks grace the coffee table in this very comfortable looking bedroom.

Adding an obelisk or two is just an easy way to finish the decorating details that make a room!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Obelisks in the entryway

Creating an inviting entryway sets the tone for those entering your home. An entry need not be large, just well thought out. Obelisks set on a table are a great way to add a statement of chic as soon as someone opens your door.

Veranda - Designer: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald wrote in Veranda magazine about creating a color-minded tablescape. In her example here, the color is green. This calls for three malachite obelisks to make the scene!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

This entryway has a wonderful round center table which makes a great place to create this diverse and whimsical display. The central piece is the bust wearing the hat, flanked by various decorative objects, including a single obelisk.

 Veranda - Designer: Charlotte Moss

In this small New York pied a terre, the designer Charlotte Moss created a wonderful little entry with fabulous wall paper, a simple metal and marble console table, and two funky obelisks. Add flowers and a simple mirror, and you have a great way to greet your guests.

Adding an obelisk or two is a simple way to create a decorative scheme in your entryway, and send a message that your guests are entering a wonderful home!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Big obelisks for a big statement!

Obelisks come in many sizes and materials. Some obelisks are four feet and more.  These may not be for everyone, but they make a real statement in your design if you have the courage to make it!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

The tapestry in this dining room is flanked by two massive obelisks. They add a stately touch of architecture, and set off the tapestry in grand style.

Elle Decor - Designer: Michael S. Smith

The designer Michael S. Smith included this fabulous obelisk by Renzo Mongiardino (circa 1950 - 1960) made of specimen marbles. It's decorative, and adds architecture to the room as well. 

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

The classic designer, Timothy Corrigan, uses a big obelisk to add even more interest to this living room. It draws your eye to the far corner, and adds interest in an otherwise empty space.

 Architectural Digest - Designer: Timothy Corrigan

In this bedroom, if you look beyond the bed towards  the open door you will see a tall obelisk, probably 4 - 5 feet tall. It's a terrific addition and serves as a piece of sculpture. 

If you are looking for a focal point in a room, or just some added architectural interest, a big obelisk may just do the trick. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Obelisks on mantels

One of the most classic ways to use obelisks is on your mantel piece. They just naturally go there!

 House Beautiful - Designer: Paolo Moschino

This is the classic pair of obelisks in a very balanced design. They add scale, and are mixed with smaller decoration and sit between the art work on the wall.

 Designer: David Hicks via the blog Daly Essentials

In this moody 1960's David Hicks living room, he placed a simply shaped set of obelisks on the mantel flanking the abstract painting, which helps to set it off.

I went to the Kips Bay Decorator 2011 Showhouse in New York. The designer Jeff Lincoln used a pair of rock crystal obelisks flanking a rough rock crystal to wonderful effect on this mantel.

 Elle Decor - Designer: Vicente Wolf

In this Vicente Wolf designed living room, he went for a pair of rock crystal obelisks, but placed them together on one side of the mantel creating an asymmetrical design.  

  Elle Decor - Designer: Malcolm James Kutner

In this traditional dining room, the designer, Malcolm James Kutner, includes a simple pair of obelisks on one side of the mantel in an asymmetrical design. 

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

In this dark and moody library, Timothy Corrigan placed a pair of handsome marble obelisks in either side of a very ornate mirror. The simplicity of the obelisks is a nice contrast to the highly detailed gilt frame of the mirror. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Obelisks are great in the living room!

Living rooms are natural places for obelisks. You see them on mantels all the time, but they look great as simple but chic decoration.

 Designer: David Hicks via blog Daly Essentials

The legendary David Hicks not only included a pair of obelisks on the mantel in this living room, but also on the table in the fore ground. A man after my own heart! Obelisks add chic style, so why not have four in the living room!

 Elle Decor - Designer: Paula Caravelli 

In this bright modern New York apartment, the designer, Paula Caravelli, kept the decoration simple, and placed two obelisks of different sizes on the coffee table. 

Canadian House and Home 

The coffee table in this sleek living room has two similar obelisks (but not a pair) along with a column as decoration. They don't take up much surface space, and look terrific.

 Elle Decor - Home of Jane and Stephen Garmey

These home owners created a fabulous display on the right side of the fireplace. The combination of table with a pair of obelisks and flowers set against a back drop of trumeau mirror and paintings makes a great look.  


In this living room designed by Timothy Corrigan I count three obelisks! There is a tall one in the back right corner; one of the center table; and one in the foreground on the side table. Clearly he is a designer that believes the more obelisks the merrier!

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