Monday, April 25, 2011

Obelisks in classic design

Classic decorating often includes obelisks, as well as other 'grand tour' mementos.

The designer Nicky Haslam includes various obelisks and decorative columns among the display in the recessed cabinets in the sitting room of this English country house.

 Colefax and Fowler

You can't get more classically English than Colefax and Fowler. This fabulous yellow living room is so welcoming and comfortable, while being formal. The obelisks are a classic addition to a completely balanced set of decorations on the mantel, adding to the perfection of this room.

 Canadian House & Home - Designer: Tommy Smythe

In this classically decorated living room by Toronto designer, Tommy Smythe, the chic pair of obelisks flank an architectural model (also very chic!) at the back of the photo. This serves to draw the eye across the room making it feel larger.

Here is the same scene close up. This makes a wonderful additional seating area, especially on a sunny day.

 Designer: Robert Couturier

This room is a very classic design by Robert Couturier. He often uses obelisks, and here he places them on a console table as part of a tableau with a fabulous mirror and globe. It serves as a focal point in the room adding depth and interest.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Obelisks in the dining room

Obelisks add a stately element to the dining room, whether on the side board, on a mantel, or on the dining table.

Architectural Digest - Designer: Michael S. Smith

The designer, Michael S. Smith, includes a pair of highly decorative obelisks on the 18th century French commode. He creates a grouping in the decorative vignette, but doesn't look for balance in the design.

Traditional Home - Designer: Timothy Corrigan

This side board (left) in this dining room has two decorative obelisks flanking a Federal mirror. They add balance and scale to the design.

Designer Suzanne Kasler added a pair of simple crystal obelisks to decorate a dining table. They add elegance and chic to this meal!

 Canadian House and Home - Designer: Tommy Smythe

In this small apartment, the dining area is an alcove in the living area. The elegant pair of obelisks on the yellow table make this dining area rise to the occasion with style.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Obelisks in the garden

Obelisks look fabulous in the garden. Think stone or metal. They provide a focal point or a grand entrance.

In this London garden, the garden designer Xa Tollemache placed an obelisk in a niche to draw the eye across the garden.

Traditional Home - Designer: Timothy Corrigan
In a Hollywood home, the designer Timothy Corrigan uses a pair of massive stone obelisks to create a grand entry. 

One of my favorite obelisks 'in the garden' is Cleopatra's needle in New York's Central Park. They knew a long time ago that obelisks make great garden decoration!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Obelisk tableau

I love the decorator Phoebe Howard who works under a name of Mrs. Howard. Here is a simple obelisk that flanks the mirror with a classical bust on the other side. It draws your eye across the room to the decorative tableau. Tres chic!

Obelisks always add style!
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