Monday, July 25, 2011

Decorators who seem to love obelisks: Miles Redd

As I look for ideas for this blog and my Auction Decorating blog, I am often attracted to the decorating of Miles Redd. It's luxurious, a little unexpected, and uses color in wonderful ways. He also uses obelisks in unexpected ways. 

In this photo, Miles Redd uses an extra large obelisk on one side of the mantel. It's a bold move! Much bigger than most you see on a mantel. Set against an orange wall, it really pops.

Via Veranda Magazine

Here he uses a pair of large cream obelisks flanking the off-white tableau of objects on this console table against the back drop of a fabulous green painted wall. Beautiful blue upholstered chairs flank the console adding another dash of color. Great contrast!

Scale and color are such important components of any decorating scheme. Think of an out sized obelisk where you might have thought of a smaller one, for a bit of the unexpected.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Obelisks are everywhere!

Obelisks are everywhere! You can't go wrong placing a pair on a mantel, on a shelf, or on a table. If you want to mix up your decorating look a bit, move them around!

The designer of this LA home, Elizabeth Dinkel, placed a pair of obelisks on the kitchen counter for a simple decorative element with lots of style. 

Designer: Alexa Hampton via All the Best blog

Alexa inherited her father, Mark Hampton's, great taste. Here she creates a quirky design on the mantel, combining a classic pair of obelisks on one side, and a some interesting objects on the other. Balanced design, but not really!
Designer: Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta knows that obelisks look great anywhere! In this comfortable library, he places a pair on the coffee table, adding decorative interest.

Obelisks are everywhere and anywhere!

Monday, July 11, 2011

More obelisks on mantels

Designer: Alexa Hampton

It need not take much to finish decorating the fireplace mantel other than adding a pair of obelisks. Alexa Hampton uses a very chic pair of light colored marble with black bands at the top and bottom of the plinth. The columns balance well with the round sun burst mirrors flanking a modern painting. They provide a further frame to the art work without distracting from it.

 Designer: Richard Keith Langham via Splendid Sass blog

In this cozy library cum dining room the designer Richard Keith Langham created a balanced design on the mantel using one of a pair of striped marble obelisks on either end. He next used some decorative round marble globes, and then groups three ceramics in the center. A lovely classic design.

 Designer: Steven Gambrel

In this Hampton's home, the designer, Steven Gambrel, includes an obelisk on the mantel adding chic framing to the round mirror. The combination of the round with the linear is always a good choice.

Even if you don't have a mantel, a pair of obelisks will add a 'frame' to a piece of art when placed on either side, enhancing it in the process. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Obelisks work anywhere!

Adding an obelisk in any room adds interest.

Elle Decor - Designer: Susan Forristal

In this comfortable family room designed by Susan Forristal, she adds a single obelisk to the window sill which serves to draw the eye through the room, and add an element of style. 

Architectural Digest - Designer: Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta knows classic style! He adds the most classic of all obelisks to the fireplace mantel - rock crystal. Just one of the many wonderful finishing touches.  

 Designer: Michael S. Smith via Splendid Sass blog

Michael S. Smith can be counted on for luxury. This Manhattan apartment has wonderful plastered walls and French antiques. The obelisks on this table are almost over the top! They are highly decorated, and work well next to a modern statue to create a wonderful tableau. 
Elle Decor - Designer: Celerie Kemble

The latest issue of Elle Decor includes a feature on an apartment in Manhattan designed by Celerie Kemble. She places a pair of obelisks to one side of this mantel creating a chic asymmetrical design. Also, what a fabulous mirror!

Think of the many ways you can use an obelisk! Use them to draw the eye to a corner of the room, or to create a chic tableau on a table or mantel. Obelisks work anywhere!

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