Monday, December 17, 2012

Jean-Louis Deniot loves obelisks!

When I opened the January issue of Architectural Digest I fell in love with the Paris apartment designed by the decorator, Jean-Louis Deniot. As I looked in to more of his projects, I found that he often uses obelisks in his decor!

From Architectural Digest

Simple black marble obelisks on this mantel set off the classical statue in this Paris apartment. 

Deniot uses a variety of sizes and shapes, and sty;es ranging from classic to modern. A signature seems to be the classically designed black marble in a pair, but he also uses groupings of differnt marbles and sizes for added interest.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big and bold obelisks

We mostly think of obelisks sitting on mantels, tables, and desks, but for those wanting to make a real statement with their obelisks, there are some colossal ones!

From Pinterest

Try these huge stone obelisks for a statement! I actually think it would all look better with a mirror or painting above the fireplace as well. That way the obelisks serve as a 'frame' that would highlight the art.

J. Randall Powers uses these mirrored obelisks on either side of the sofa as a bold statement.

The designer Michael S. Smith has this wonderful specimen marble obelisk in his own home. What a great way to decorate a corner.

This fabulous lapis obelisk with pietra dura flora and fauna decoration on the plinth, stands guard at the entrance of my den.

In this dining room, the designer, Timothy Corrigan, uses this pair of colossal obelisks to add drama to the rich decor of this room.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obelisks for the holidays!

Obelisks make wonderful gifts. If you have a special friend who loves design, an obelisk or two will fit in to their design scheme - somewhere!

The top photo is from Canadian House and Home - just add a chinoiserie painted obelisk on top of a desk!. The middle photo is a design by Robert Couturier, and the bottom photo is a Timothy Corrigan design. Both classic collections of obelisks on console tables. For Corrigan, the more the merrier!

At Only Obelisks we have obelisks in a range of prices and styles from vintage to antique that make very stylish gifts!

The marble veining makes these stand out. Simple and chic. I always love black and brown. These are vintage (16 1/2 inches tall), and priced at $675 for the pair. 

What could be more chic than black and white! These are a very smart pair of early 20th century black marble obelisks (17 1/4 inches tall) with white marble segments and white marble shield on one side of each plinth. The black marble has interesting and subtle depth to the marble veining. Sourced in Surrey, England. These are priced at $1,100 for the pair.

We recently added this French pair of rouge marble 19th century obelisks (16 2/4 inches tall). I love their proportions, and the fossil like veining in the marble. These are priced at $1,800 for the pair.

The designer Mary McDonald knows that just adding a few obelisks on a table finishes the decor in the best possible way! Imagine the surprise when your gift of obelisks is opened! Unique and fabulous. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stylish David Hicks

David Hicks' 60's style is on the return. His use of patterns, colors, and obelisks (!) has proven to be timeless. He knew that obelisks are modern and classic at the same time.

 Designer: David Hicks

This grey, white and black design scheme is so very smart. It works as well today as the day it was designed. The pair of black marble obelisks provide just the right amount of decoration in a pared down look, letting the pattern in the wall paper and the rug make the statement.

Designer: David Hicks via The Peak of Chic blog

Here is another wonderful mix of colors: brown, red, black and white. The use of geometrics keep it restrained, and the addition of classical decorations to the glass and steel console table is the perfect complement. I love the mix of obelisk sizes and materials. 

We can take many lessons from David Hicks' style. Be bold, but always refined!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jaime Parlade decorates with obelisks!

I ran across a spread in the World of Interiors of the home of a well known Spanish decorator, Jaime Parlade. I always have radar for obelisks in decor, but also love the way he ties his obelisk in to the rest of his art.

From Architectural Digest

I love the layers of color, objects and art. This Adalusian living room feels welcoming and comfortable. 

From World of Interiors

These photos show another view of the room, and more detail. In the bottom photo note the specimen marble obelisk on the coffee table, and how it echos the art on the wall behind it. Masterful!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

J. Randall Powers Loves Obelisks

The latest issue (November) of Architectural Digest includes a spread on the Houston home of the interior designer, J. Randall Powers. I love his use of color, and obelisks!

This living room uses color masterfully! I love the beige walls, the grey sofas, and the liberal use of red! It all works so well.

This comfortable room with a great mix of checks! The mantel is graced with a simple, sleek pair of rock crystal obelisks!

The dining room mixes antiques and modern in a wonderful contemporary space. It feels light and welcoming. In front of the window is a very large marble obelisk complementing the Regency style furniture and lighting.

Green and red is probably my favorite color combo, and they are used wonderfully in the library The Biedermeier settee is flanked by a pair of large mirrored obelisks that really sets it off.

The decorating flair of Powers creates classic contemporary spaces, in which obelisks fit perfectly!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Funky obelisks!

Obelisks come in all shapes, sizes and materials. On Pinterest I found a few that would not grace my home, but gave me a smile.

All images from  Pinterest

In our business, Only Obelisks, we come across all sorts of obelisks. We have focused on those that we think would be a chic addition to one's home decor. We have passed up many that are either boring or just too funky. We have avoided the mirrors, the shells, and the Oh too cute. But somebody likes them!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer Newsletter - Specimen marble obelisks

We shared the following with those on our Only Obelisks mailing list.

Specimen marble obelisks probably first came about as a souvenir of the Grand Tour, allowing the purchaser to buy a decorative object that also serves as an object of conversation with your guests. Just imagine the tales of your travels unfolding through a fabulous obelisk. Many obelisks are made of marble, but when I think of specimen marble obelisks, I think of the ones with the inlays of multiple types and colors or marble, or even layers of different colored marbles.

The first photo is from the home of the decorator Michael S. Smith. What a fabulous way to fill a corner with a huge obelisk.

The middle photo is a room decorated by Timothy Corrigan. He is a great lover of obelisks, and can't have too many on this console table. I love the tall black and white striped one in the middle.

Obelisks on mantel are a classic decorative touch. These specimen marble obelisks are used by the decorator David Phoenix for Rose Tarlow.

We have some great examples at Only Obelisks:

These very smart three marble striped obelisks on a brass base are very handsome. These are a recent acquisition, and we just love them. They stand 31 inches.

This is a 19th century Italian Grand Tour obelisk in cream marble with brown marble insets. This stands 19 inches tall, and is very smart looking.

These are similar to the ones in the photo on the bottom. These are quite beautiful, and have both marbles and mother of pearl inlays. These are almost 22 inches tall.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Obelisks found on Pinterest

I occasionally do a search for obelisks on Pinterest. Found some wonderful photos.

I love the variety of sizes, styles and materials. All these are on tables, which shows that obelisks can be used in more places than mantels and shelves!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Obelisks decorate the table!

A coffee table is not just for coffee, but a design element in your room. Use it to display a few decorative objects for loads more interest.

When is a 'pair' not a pair'? When you have two obelisks in the same materials but of different sizes. These obelisks look great on this table, and add an ultra chic element to this sitting area.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obelisk Inspirations via Splendid Sass!

There is a blog I enjoy - Splendid Sass. There have been a few obelisk sightings lately that I thought I'd share with you:

 Designer: Mary McDonald via  splendidsass

Mary McDonald often seems to use obelisks - malachite ones in particular. The use of green decorative objects in this room against the grey blue walls is so chic!

Cathedral Antique Show's inspiration house via splendidsass

On this dining table, a grouping of crystal and glass objects in different shapes is subtle and wonderful. I think I count five obelisks of different sizes! A small dining area need not be short on high style!

Friday, June 15, 2012

British Excitement

2012 really is the year of Britain. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee brings out the best in the Brits - pomp and circumstance! Then, there's the Summer Olympics too.

It seems that everywhere I look there is a shelter magazine profiling all things British, and Traditional Home is not to be left out. The June issue includes the English country house of Su Harr, and I was taken by the comfort and color of her rooms.

Her library has such wonderful punches of red in the bookshelves, and then picked up by the pillows on a simple white upholstered sofa.

The living room is a contrast of sophisticated whites and beiges. The shelves are filled with a simple collection of pottery of various shapes, sizes and tones of white. The scene is not complete without the simple cream marble obelisks on the console table in the right rear of the photo. Altogether a very chic English country home!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spanish decor with obelisks - Lorenzo Castillo

In March I posted some photos from Elle Decor of a home decorated by the Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo - Elegant obelisks in Spain. His web site reveals a love of obelisks!

In this elegant modern entryway he uses a grouping of obelisks to anchor one end of the console table. I count five obelisks of various materials and sizes. How elegant!

On this moody dining  table setting, Castillo uses a two obelisks to wonderful effect.

This mantel piece in Castillo's Madrid apartment is classically decorated with a pair of marble obelisks, neoclassical candle sticks, and the smart brass lion. Very chic!

Lorenzo Castillo shows us three great places to decorate with obelisks - the entryway for an elegant entrance, the dining table for drama, and the mantel piece for classic chic!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eberlein Designs

We went on a wonderful house tour with Barbara Eberlein in Philadelphia. She is a decorator of high end homes, and she took us to see several that she restored and decorated. The tour was under the auspices of the Royal Oak Foundation which is the American affiliate of the national Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Naturally, her work includes obelisks!

In the top photo here are a pair of dressers along the windowed wall. The tableau includes pairs of lamps, mirrors, and striped marble obelisks. It creates balance and harmony in the room.

In Barbara's own Delancey Place townhouse the living room includes a grouping of glass and crystal obelisks of various shapes and sizes on a dresser to the left. This photo is on her website, but she has moved thing around since. I took the photo of the same grouping which now sit on a piano in a rearranged living room. Obviously obelisks are always the right decorative element!
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