Monday, November 28, 2011

Brazilian stylesetter loves obelisks

When I opened my latest issue of Elle Decor I was thrilled to see the fabulous Sao Paulo apartment of 'stylesetter' Fabrizio Rollo. It's full of fabulous fabrics and decorative layers. It's quirky in a chic way, and does not look in the least bit 'decorated'. And he loves obelisks!

All photos Elle Decor

Not only are there multiple obelisks in Rollo's apartment, but there are different types for more interest. In the top photo on the console table in the rear, there are two colossal white marble obelisks, and then a smaller rock crystal placed randomly in between. Then there are black obelisks on end tables either end of the sofa. He proves the rule that you can't have too many! 

The middle photo shows another angle of the living room, reflecting one of the large white marble obelisks, which contrast so nicely with the rich fabrics and animal prints - always a chic detail.

The bottom photo is the library, and if animal prints work on pillows, why not obelisks. Here we see a zebra striped large obelisk making quite a statement. 

I love every room in Rollo's apartment, and the obelisks add such chic!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Italian style with obelisks in Naples

In this month's issue of Architectural Digest there is a profile of an apartment in Naples designed by Laura Sartori Rimini and Roberto Peregalli, partners in Studio Peregalli, a Milan based architecture and design firm. They use obelisks to great effect in several rooms in the apartment - how very chic!

Living Room


 In each room, obelisks enhance the classical display on each of the tables. In the living room, a pair of obelisks set off an antique clock. In the library, another pair frames a Roman bust. And in the bedroom, the obelisk sits nicely on the side of a dresser topped with a bust, some books, flowers and a lamp.

Italians know how to add instant decorative chic with obelisks!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Obelisks in the contemporary bedroom

The priority in decorating a bedroom is to crate a tranquil space. We spend a third of our lives at least in our bedrooms, so it needs to be beautiful and a space that makes us happy.

This sleek contemporary bedroom in an Amsterdam apartment exudes cool and calm. The decor is simple and functional. The obelisks on the console table under the window (left) fit in perfectly!

We live in a modern house in Columbia County NY, and our bedroom includes a large lapis lazuli veneered obelisk with the most wonderful pietra dura inlaid designs on the plinth of floral and fauna. 

We might think of obelisks as classic design elements, but classic works well with contemporary. I think of obelisks as the perfect decorative element because their simple design works anywhere!
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