Friday, December 23, 2011

Obelisks in contemporary decor

Obelisks are sleek and chic! They works easily in contemporary decor as demonstrated by some leading interior designers.

Eric Cohler decorates gorgeous spaces. I love this living room with it's pale colors and modern art work. The white marble obelisks on the warm wood bureau are the perfect accent.

Designer: Eric Cohler

Veranda - Designer: David Phoenix for Rose Tarlow

These wonderful specimen marble obelisks on the mantel add interest and a pop of color to an other wise pale palette.

We happen to have a pair that are similar. I love them! These are in our entryway, and serve as a frame to our pressed glass sculpture. 

Whether you choose obelisks of a single color marble or rock crystal, or a more colorful specimen marble mix, obelisks are terrific in contemporary decor.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unusual obelisks

Obelisks take many forms from the classical designs based on the originals in Egypt to the fanciful and exotic. In the 19th century they were bought as souvenirs of the Grand Tour, or used as decorative specimen marble examples.

We ran across this interesting obelisk at the Masterpiece Antiques Fair in London this year. This obelisk is used to display intaglios. They describe this as an early 19th century 'Grand Tour' gilt wood and glass obelisk containing a collection of plaster intaglios depicting the heads of Roman emperors, classical scenes and muses, with makers label: 'William Davis. Carver, Gilder, Printseller.'
Signed on label: Christmas 1816. It's 22 inches tall. 

 Veranda - Designer: Charlotte Moss

The designer, Charlotte Moss, found an unusual pair of 'striped' specimen marble obelisks for this bookcase. I haven't seen this style of specimen marble before. 

Veranda - Designer: Charlotte Moss

In the same house, Charlotte Moss placed another unusual set of obelisks on this iron entryway table. 

It's fun to keep an eye out for for something a bit different whether it's modern, or antique. It's great having conversation pieces as part of your decor. Makes it so much more interesting

Friday, December 9, 2011

Michael S. Smith and the Classic Interior - with obelisks!

Obelisks are classic. It doesn't mean that they only work in classic interiors (as this blog demonstrates), but they ALWAYS make an interior classic!

Who better to demonstrate how to mix modern and classic but Michael S. Smith - the decorator chosen by the Obamas to work with them on the White House!

Architectural Digest - Designer: Michael S. Smith

The designer, Michael S. Smith, knows how to integrate the classic with the modern. In this Manhattan apartment, the owners are art collectors. Smith skillfully juxtaposes the modern with the antique. In the top photo, the painting by Liubov Popova, works beautifully with the tableau on the table including a Tang horse. 

In the bottom photo, a Grand Tour obelisk sits happily besides a Henry Moore statue on the table in the fore ground. The obelisk enhances the sculpture, rather than distracts from it. It almost serves as a partial frame. 

 Elle Decor - Designer: Michael S. Smith

Place an obelisk on a coffee table at the center of a room for instant chic! This room is comfortable and contemporary yet includes a number of classic elements - notice the Greek inspired X-stools and the urns on the etageres.(See Auction Decorating for more on X-stools).

Smith knows how to create classic modern interiors, and an obelisk is always a nice addition!

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