Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grouping obelisks

We often think of obelisks in pairs, but a group of obelisks of different styles and shapes can be even more interesting. If you collect obelisks, this is a great way to display them.

In this New York home designed by the Dutch architects, Decoration Empire, they grouped three obelisks of different styles and sizes on a coffee table to create a chic display. 

 Elle Decor - Designers: Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts

In this Manhattan dining room, the table holds a collection of glass obelisks by Venini and Baccarat. They are all sleek, modern, and add refracted color to the room. The glass and crystal made in to simple forms stands on it's own and moves beyond the classical style of many obelisks. 

These are just a couple of examples of obelisk collecting, and great display!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Working obelisks

My desk has several decorative objects on it along with some family photos, all of which make me happy when I sit down to work. I, or course, have an obelisk as well!

I sometimes change the obelisk to suit my mood.

Lonny Magazine - Designer: David Flint Wood

In the Caribbean home of David Flint Wood (partner of India Hicks) he includes family photos of the British Royal family (India's relatives), a vintage toy car for a bit of fun, and three obelisks. It looks like there is a pair along with one more. Nice idea!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Mixing it up obelisk decorating

Obelisks are so fun to collect. They need not be pairs, but work well mixed together in different sizes and styles. This designer is almost an example of 'you can't have too many obelisks!' He makes great use of them in his Manhattan apartment.

Lonny Magazine - Designer: Christian Leone

The owner and decorator of this Manhattan apartment has created a comfortable and relaxed space. In the living room he uses a calming blue upholstery on the sofa with contrasting throw pillows, but adds some edge with a zebra throw on the floor. The coffee table is decorated with a number of objects, including two obelisks - one tall and cream colored, and the smaller one looks like it might be malachite veneer. 

There are two other views of the fabulous red lacquered living room in Christian Leone's apartment. In an interesting continuity test, the same coffee table in the first and second photo of the blog now has a black marble obelisk with white veining. That's OK by me!

In the bottom photo, the etageres are a great way to display collected objects. It adds real interest to a room, and a great place for your guests to admire your collections and ponder what they say about you! The etageres are topped by a pair of mirrored obelisks which complete the look. 

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