Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grouping obelisks

We often think of obelisks in pairs, but a group of obelisks of different styles and shapes can be even more interesting. If you collect obelisks, this is a great way to display them.

In this New York home designed by the Dutch architects, Decoration Empire, they grouped three obelisks of different styles and sizes on a coffee table to create a chic display. 

 Elle Decor - Designers: Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts

In this Manhattan dining room, the table holds a collection of glass obelisks by Venini and Baccarat. They are all sleek, modern, and add refracted color to the room. The glass and crystal made in to simple forms stands on it's own and moves beyond the classical style of many obelisks. 

These are just a couple of examples of obelisk collecting, and great display!


  1. Hi there, Katherine, I am trying to find a specific obelisk. It is about 3 m high and perhaps polyresin cast or aluminium. I have seen it in Hotel 717 in Amsterdam (patio) but they woult not remember where they got it from. I have a picture, though no clue where to get it. Perhaps you could help? Kind regards Sybille

    1. Sybille, we looked at the hotel web site and see a photo of the obelisks in the garden. We have not seen similar ones. I wonder if they had them made.


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