Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tribeca loft living with obelisks!

The April issue of House Beautiful includes a fabulous Tribeca loft designed by the decorator Steven Sclaroff.

House Beautiful - Designer: Steven Sclaroff

In one of two living room areas in the loft, Steven Sclaroff designed a warm and inviting room. I love the use of red pops of color along with the soothing mid-blue. The grey walls and the tan curtains make it sophisticated and calming. 

You will also see great use of obelisks in the room. Three obelisks on the left side of the console table balance the bar set up on the other side of the table. Another three obelisks decorate the coffee table. Each obelisk is different, and the mix of marble colors and painted metal in the room creates lots of interest, and instant chic!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Elegant obelisks in Spain

In the April issue of Elle Decor (US) the theme is 'A World of Style'. I am always excited to see obelisks used around the world in great design. The issue profiles the Spanish decorator Lorenzo Castillo. His home in a converted 17th century former convent is elegant in every room.

Elle Decor - Decorator: Lorenzo Castillo

The library in his home is full of wonderful furniture and art. He has such style. The top photo is a broader view of the library desk with the fireplace in the background. I have also included a larger photo to highlight the two pairs of obelisks on the mantel piece in case you missed them!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Timothy Corrigan does it again with obelisks!

I was thrilled to open my latest Architectural Digest and see the home of the designer Timothy Corrigan. He is a decorator who loves obelisks, and as you would expect, he has a lot of obelisks in his home.

This pair are simple and classic. The white enhances the color of the marble and makes them more graphic.

How many obelisks can you fit on one console table! I count six. I love that there are two pairs, but then two mismatched. The tall black and white striped obelisk in the center is very striking. Then there is a white marble single obelisk on the far right. Wonderful tableau!

The obelisks on the book shelf in the center back serve as the perfect frame to the painting and the horse bronze. Very smart!

Gardens are traditional locations for obelisks, and Corrigan uses a very large one to attract your eye and pull you back to the lovely columned pergola.

He must have had fun collecting all those obelisks!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Obelisk simplicity

Obelisks can be made of many materials. The simplest and most modern is probably made of glass or rock crystal. The absence of color allows the shape to speak for itself.

House Beautiful - Designers David DeMattei and Patrick Wade 

These designers place a clear glass or crystal obelisk on the coffee table to add decorative interest. It contrasts with the classical urn it sits besides. Both are set off by the dark color of the table that ties in nicely with the fun zebra fabric on the stool nearby.

I went to the Kips Bay Decorator 2011 Showhouse in New York where I took this picture. The designer Jeff Lincoln used a pair of rock crystal obelisks flanking a rough rock crystal to wonderful effect on this mantel.  The absence of color in all the objects on the mantel allows the fireplace surround to stand out.

I generally like color, but love the way an object that is absent of color makes the thing around it stand out.
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