Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obelisks in modern decor - Jeffers Design Group

Jeffers Design Group designs clean modern interiors. Obelisks draw the eye, and add a classic but modern decorative element.

I love the attention to decorative detail in their work. The obelisks might be in balanced pairs, or a single obelisk part of a collective scheme.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Obelisks in the Garden

 My focus is generally on decorative obelisks for interiors, but with Spring on it's way, I can see signs of life in the garden. Garden obelisks are classic decoration, and here are some inspiring photos to bring obelisks to your outdoor rooms! (For a related post see my blog Bringing the garden inside - rustic decor).  

All photos from Pinterest

Obelisks in the garden range from solid stone or concrete to wooden constructions perfect for climbing vines. The last one built for storage is both decorative and practical - and so chic! 

You can find vintage stone obelisks for sale occasionally, which add real character to even the smallest garden or patio.

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