Thursday, August 25, 2011

Jamie Creel, Marco Scarani and their obelisks!

Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani decorated their  fabulous Paris apartment with classic flair.

 Photos via Elle Decor

The Paris apartment of Jamie Creel and Marco Scarani shows a love of obelisks. The bedroom is very handsome, and has some unexpected decorative elements. The painting is a bold modern statement in an otherwise classic design. The dresser underneath the painting includes a pair of marble obelisks which help frame the painting.

The library is full of saturated color. The dark walls are the perfect back drop for the deep red upholstered furniture. The built in shelves house a collection of architectural models, and a pair of mirrored obelisks flank the mantel tucked away in niches built in to the wall. The whole design is warm and cozy. I just want to sink in to that sofa with a good magazine!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obelisks in contemporary designs

Obelisks are classic, but modern at the same time. They are sleek by design, and choosing one or a pair that fits a contemporary room will present lots of options.

Elle Decor - Designer: Todd Klein

The designer Todd Klein creates wonderful contemporary rooms. They combine elements that are modern with classic touches. On a modern coffee table he includes a pair of simply designed obelisks along with an ovoid form on a pedestal. 

Elle Decor - Designer: Emma Pilkington

In the Hampton's summer home of Chris Cuomo (son of former NY governor Mario Cuomo) the designer Emma Pilkington creates a casual and comfortable sunroom. On the antique Italian coffee table she adds simple decorations including a covered bowl, a vase and flowers, and a pair of sleek obelisks!
Photo via Fauxology blog

The source of this photo does not give a credit, but don't you love the bold use of paint on the walls, and the skull and crossbones on the upholstered chair. This living room is lots of fun and welcoming too! There are lots of wonderful design elements and layers in this room, and a pair of rock crystal obelisks on the coffee table!

Contemporary design doesn't mean lacking in decorative elements. Layers of decoration add character and warmth. Obelisks work perfectly!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspired by David Hicks style

David Hicks was an icon of 1960's and 1970's decorating. His style continues to influence today.

 Designer: David Hicks

The graphic carpet and the dark lacquered walls make a dramatic space, and are signatures of David Hicks style. He often used obelisks as decorative elements, and here are two of sleek modern design on the mantel. They anchor the bold modern painting in the center.

Designer: David Hicks

Here is another graphic carpet and colorful modern paintings. Of course, there are a pair of obelisks in the foreground on the table as well as on the mantel.

Designer: Greg Jagmin

The Chicago designer Greg Jagmin used a David Hicks Hexagon wallpaper to give this room a the mid-century aesthetic. He tops a Saarinen table with a pair of crystal obelisks to complete the look. 

 Designer Muriel Brandolini

This room designed by Muriel Brandolini looks very inspired by David Hicks' aesthetic - the dark lacquered walls, and the wonderful graphic carpet are stand outs! She, f course, puts her own distictive stamp on the design, but I think David Hicks would approve.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Obelisk Inspirations

Obelisks bring a classic look anywhere they are added.

curry15 via Flikr

This house in London has a classic vibe with the obelisks and sphinxes flanking the entryway. 

Designer: David Hicks via Savoir Faire blog

The designer David Hicks uses graphic fabrics and carpets with modern furniture, but includes a console table full of classic decorative objects - three obelisks of different sizes and marble urns. He creates a modern look with classic roots.

Designer: Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler creates a welcoming entryway with layers of casual and decorative objects. The obelisk included on the console may be a bit difficult to see, but I added a circle since it's a clear crystal.

Obelisks come in all shapes, sizes and materials, and mixing them up can be lots of fun!
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