Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Spanish decor with obelisks - Lorenzo Castillo

In March I posted some photos from Elle Decor of a home decorated by the Spanish designer Lorenzo Castillo - Elegant obelisks in Spain. His web site reveals a love of obelisks!

In this elegant modern entryway he uses a grouping of obelisks to anchor one end of the console table. I count five obelisks of various materials and sizes. How elegant!

On this moody dining  table setting, Castillo uses a two obelisks to wonderful effect.

This mantel piece in Castillo's Madrid apartment is classically decorated with a pair of marble obelisks, neoclassical candle sticks, and the smart brass lion. Very chic!

Lorenzo Castillo shows us three great places to decorate with obelisks - the entryway for an elegant entrance, the dining table for drama, and the mantel piece for classic chic!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Eberlein Designs

We went on a wonderful house tour with Barbara Eberlein in Philadelphia. She is a decorator of high end homes, and she took us to see several that she restored and decorated. The tour was under the auspices of the Royal Oak Foundation which is the American affiliate of the national Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Naturally, her work includes obelisks!

In the top photo here are a pair of dressers along the windowed wall. The tableau includes pairs of lamps, mirrors, and striped marble obelisks. It creates balance and harmony in the room.

In Barbara's own Delancey Place townhouse the living room includes a grouping of glass and crystal obelisks of various shapes and sizes on a dresser to the left. This photo is on her website, but she has moved thing around since. I took the photo of the same grouping which now sit on a piano in a rearranged living room. Obviously obelisks are always the right decorative element!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spring Newsletter

Perhaps the obelisks most preferred by decorators are made of rock crystal. They work anywhere, anytime. They refract the light, and enhance any space.

                             Design: Jeff Lincoln - Taken at Kips Bay Decorator Show house 2011

Here is a mantel decorated with all rock crystal objects, including a pair of obelisks.

                                                           Designer: Robert Couturier

For more ideas using rock crystal obelisks, this tableau design by Robert Couturier uses four! There are two tall obelisks, and two shorter ones below.
I love the asymmetry of this grouping of objects on an ornate console table. There is a lot of contrast between the black bulky bust, and then the translucent obelisks.

At Only Obelisks we currently have two pairs of rock crystal obelisks, with another pair on the way!

This wonderful pair stands almost 18 inches tall. They have great interest in the rock crystal occlusions. These are terrific mantel piece obelisks.

This pair stands an impressive 31 inches tall. These make a statement. They are classic and could even dress up an entryway on either side of your console table.

Visit Only Obelisks for more information, or more on this blog, Obelisk Decorating, for more inspiration!
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