Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Jaime Parlade decorates with obelisks!

I ran across a spread in the World of Interiors of the home of a well known Spanish decorator, Jaime Parlade. I always have radar for obelisks in decor, but also love the way he ties his obelisk in to the rest of his art.

From Architectural Digest

I love the layers of color, objects and art. This Adalusian living room feels welcoming and comfortable. 

From World of Interiors

These photos show another view of the room, and more detail. In the bottom photo note the specimen marble obelisk on the coffee table, and how it echos the art on the wall behind it. Masterful!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

J. Randall Powers Loves Obelisks

The latest issue (November) of Architectural Digest includes a spread on the Houston home of the interior designer, J. Randall Powers. I love his use of color, and obelisks!

This living room uses color masterfully! I love the beige walls, the grey sofas, and the liberal use of red! It all works so well.

This comfortable room with a great mix of checks! The mantel is graced with a simple, sleek pair of rock crystal obelisks!

The dining room mixes antiques and modern in a wonderful contemporary space. It feels light and welcoming. In front of the window is a very large marble obelisk complementing the Regency style furniture and lighting.

Green and red is probably my favorite color combo, and they are used wonderfully in the library The Biedermeier settee is flanked by a pair of large mirrored obelisks that really sets it off.

The decorating flair of Powers creates classic contemporary spaces, in which obelisks fit perfectly!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Funky obelisks!

Obelisks come in all shapes, sizes and materials. On Pinterest I found a few that would not grace my home, but gave me a smile.

All images from  Pinterest

In our business, Only Obelisks, we come across all sorts of obelisks. We have focused on those that we think would be a chic addition to one's home decor. We have passed up many that are either boring or just too funky. We have avoided the mirrors, the shells, and the Oh too cute. But somebody likes them!
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