Monday, June 27, 2011

London loves obelisks!

We were in London, and wandered down Kings Road to visit antiques and decorative objects shops we like. It seemed that obelisks were everywhere!

These fabulous Russian 20th century obelisks were in Guenevere Antiques. They are fluorspar veneer with gilt bronze decoration.

I love the cute paws at the base of the obelisk, and the decoration on the plinth. Very smart looking.

This console display at Guinevere includes a pair of Italian Grand Tour alabaster obelisks. These are 19th century. They have wonderful patina, and the sign of wear one would expect in a well loved antique. These are classics that work anywhere. 

Up the Kings Road at the corner of Lots Road is a group of dealers in a building called the Furniture Cave. There were these whimsical shell decorated obelisks that look a lot like the ones made in to lamps in the previous blog entry. They were flanked by a pair of smaller marble obelisks that were quite the contrast in their simplicity. 

At Guinevere they also had this pair of Italian Grand Tour marmo rosso obelisks, circa 1850. Quite classic, and chic anywhere!

A dealer in the Furniture Cave had a pair of specimen marble obelisks. The marble decoration was on one side of each, with the rest being black. These are 20th century, and had a nice slender presence.

Clearly London loves obelisks!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Obelisks as lamps

Obelisks make great lamps. It's a classic shape, and subtle details can make all the difference.

Canadian House and Home - Designer: Betsy Burnham

This hallway setting designed by California based designer Betsy Burnham includes these fabulous shell encrusted obelisk lamps. These are more decorated than most obelisks, but what fun!

 Homes and Gardens, UK

This wonderful console display includes two elegant black obelisk lamps. The shape is simple and modern, and looks fabulous with the other classic decorative objects. I love the red lamp shades to finish them off.

 Designer: Phoebe Howard

The designer, Phoebe Howard, put together a wonderfully balanced console display anchored by a pair of white obelisk lamps.

Just like you might convert a porcelain vase in to a lamp, think about turning a pair of obelisks in to some fabulous lamps that are classic and elegant.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Obelisks 'at work'

Where we work should be welcoming and have as much consideration as to decoration as the rest of the house. If you work from home some or part of the time, your work space should be beautiful!

Canadian House and Home

This bedroom has a wonderful French Empire secretaire topped by a fabulous Chinoiserie decorated obelisk. I could easily see setting up my lap top on this desk, surrounded by beautiful objects, and getting some work done!

 Designer: Timothy Corrigan

In this classically designed office, the designer, Timothy Corrigan, placed a single obelisk on the desk. It doesn't take up much room, but it adds a smart decorative element.

Here is my own loft office space with one of my obelisks on the desk. I love this simple chic obelisk, and it gives me pleasure when I sit down to work.

Adding an obelisk is an easy way to decorate, and if you are looking for a change with the season, take one away and replace ir with a different one for a fresh new look!

Monday, June 6, 2011

For chic console display, add an obelisk!

Obelisks are the perfect pieces to add to as table vignette. It might be an entryway, or a table against the wall in a living or dining room. Add a pair of obelisks, and a few other mementos, and perhaps a lamp, and you've created a wonderful work of art!

 Elle Decor - Designer: Aline Chastel

In this contemporary Paris living room, the owner, Aline Chastel, used a vintage oak chest as the base for her tableau. She added a mixed set of obelisks, a large rock (!), and a pitcher with a large leaf against a great mirror to make a great focal point for the room. It just take a little creative courage to put that all together, and have it look so great. 

 Designer: Robert Couturier

This is a great way to fill in a blank corner in a room. The unused space is turned in to something with lots of interest. Robert Couturier used a big mirror and a decorative mirrored obelisk on a simple console table to make a big statement in an otherwise empty space.

Canadian House & Home - Designer: Luce Gayrard

The rock crystal obelisks on this lovely gilt console table are paired with lamps to make up the vignette. The mirror behind reflect the look back into the room, and adds depth. Add something low in between, and you have created a great look.

 Designer: Robert Couturier

For more ideas using rock crystal obelisks, this tableau design by Robert Couturier uses four! There are two tall obelisks, and two shorter ones below. I love the asymmetry of this grouping of objects on an ornate console table. There is a lot of contrast between the black bulky bust, and then the translucent obelisks. The balance is created by the pictures on the wall behind. Masterful!

 Designer: Alexa Hampton

Alexa Hampton inherited her father's excellent taste! This lovely, comfortable living room looks back to a console table filling an alcove. The table is topped with a pair of obelisks placed on the left side, balancing flowers on the right.

Obelisks are a natural for a console table. Think of balancing the display with a pair obelisks on  either side of the table, or place them on one side and balance them with another decorative element on the other. I like this latter option because it's a bit less traditional.

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