Friday, December 26, 2014

Decorators who seem to love obelisks: Suzanne Kasler

I love the designs of Suzanne Kasler. They are classic, but remain light and comfortable.

This dining table is set for an intimate dinner party. It doesn't skimp on decoration and includes not only candles and flowers, but a large pair of crystal obelisks.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Decorating with obelisks on Pinterest

This last month has produced some wonderful obelisk finds on Pinterest!

For one, I ran across the decor of Ann Pyne of McMillen Interior Design. I love her style - fresh classic. She often uses elements I like including screens, and, of course, obelisks.

This is a beautiful example of her work. I love the rich red color of the walls which sets off the Chinese screens. The room is well balanced, and Pyne uses a pair of obelisks, one on each table on either side of the sofa.  

In a sea of blue and white porcelain, the dining table is graced with a pair of blue and white obelisks, tying it together.

This warm room decorated by the late Geoffrey Bennison has a number of the elements of a classic English room. The brown marble obelisks on the coffee table in the foreground surround a Chinese plate and create a wonderful tableau.

One of my favorite decorators is Jean Louis Deniot. He often uses obelisks in his designs, and this brass pair add shine and elegance to this console table with classical decorations. I love brass obelisks for their handsome brightness!

This pair from Only Obelisks would serve that role well! 

I love this French provincial style room in a home in Schilde, Belgium, with an eclectic mix of objects on the table ranging from an antique house model to the marble obelisk which adds height to the tableau. 

I'll continue to keep my eye out on Pinterest and elsewhere for interesting and fun decorative schemes with obelisks!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ellie Kravis love obelisks

I recently ran across some elegant interiors by Ellie Kravis of Cullman and Kravis. Kravis uses smart looking obelisks, of course, in many different ways!

I love the use of graphic black and white striped obelisks on the mantel. They add a geometric element to the decoration, and a little twist!

This warm living room has a pair of marble obelisks on the mantel placed as a group on one side. I always like that for a change to placing them on either end. 

In this Fifth Avenue living room, there is a lovely grouping of rock crystal obelisks decorating the coffee table. 

This dining are in a Fifth Avenue pied a terre is made more elegant by the pair of mixed marble obelisks on the console table.

And you may remember her use of multiple obelisks (see how many you can find!) in the 2014 Kip Bay Decorator Show House. She went wild!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Latest obelisks on Pinterest

Just enjoy some obelisks used in chic interiors that have been posted on Pinterest.

NY apartment of Lisa & James Cohen. Paris Deco vibe & nice obelisk on the banquet! From Architectural Digest. 

Not necessarily crazy about the overall look, but like the obelisk in the left rear! - Traditional Home


Nice kitchen/dining room at the home of designer Bridie Hall - & white marble obelisks on the mantel! House & Garden, UK

Dining room of Jean-Francois Lesage. Nice obelisk on the book shelf! Elle Decor

All chic designs, made even better with obelisks!




Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lorenzo Castillo - Decorating with obelisks

Lorenzo Castillo decorates sophisticated, cool, European interiors. I love his use of antiques with modern elements, and his use of color.

The pair of marble and brass obelisks on this mantel are classic and masculine. They frame the vignette with style. 

This is a wonderful display in black, white and grey - very chic and modern. 

The sleek console has a collection of individual obelisks at one end - crystal, marble, mirrored...

This fabulous space with a wonderful floor and ceiling is centered by the mantel piece topped by a pair of white or rock crystal obelisks - simple and effective.

I take inspiration from Castillo's bold but sophisticated designs - and obelisks!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Timothy Corrigan - Decorating with Obelisks

I love that Timothy Corrigan is passionate about obelisks. he likes big ones, small ones, marble, and striped.

Here are two entryways. The top includes a tall cream and black obelisk, and a small obelisk. The table below has a collection of obelisks of many shapes and materials.

These living rooms all are accented with obelisks. The top photo has another obelisk collection along with a few other classical objects on the round table. I love the striped pair of tall obelisks in the middle photo on the console behind the red sofa. And the console behind the chair in the bottom photo has a black marble obelisk, which I suspect is a pair to balance it out.

Timothy Corrigan gives as much attention to the decoration of bedrooms as a beautiful refuge as his living rooms. The top phot0 includes black marble obelisk(s) on the bedside table. The middle photo has a colossal obelisk by the French door. The sitting area of the bedroom in the bottom photo includes two obelisks of different shapes and sizes on the coffee table looking very smart.

Corrigan might inspire you in how you might use obelisks or even to think about how to build a collection!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Obelisks on Pinterest - Latest finds

When I think I won't find anymore obelisks in decor, I find inspiration on Pinterest. The setting range in style, which demonstrates yet again that obelisks can work anywhere!

Fabulous blue screen background - a pair of obelisks decorate a coffee table.

Two collectors - the top photo is Piero Castellini, and the bottom is Robert Moore.

If you ever wondered what you might do with a colossal obelisk, there is one in the back left corner - fabulous!

In the clean classic and modern interior, a sleek black obelisk graces a side table.

Here a tall wooden obelisk draws your eye into the room.

Finally, you thought a bar cart was just for drinks - well, don't forget to decorate it two with a pair of green marble obelisks!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Obelisks at Kips Bay!

If it's May in New York, then it's time for the Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse. The New York Times highlighted some of the best rooms, and wouldn't you know it but obelisks feature in at least two rooms.

 This wonderful room is designed by Alexa Hampton. Her father, Mark Hampton, often used obelisks. She uses two on the mantel and another two on the floor on the right side of the fireplace.

The two black obelisks on the mantel are simple and elegant. They are a neoclassical shape, and serve as a lovely counter anchor to the mirror on the other side.

The ones on the floor are both marble on a brass base. I love this style. It's smart and almost masculine. These are not a pair, but look fabulous together. Similar obelisks of different sizes always work well together.

In another view of the room, Alexa Hampton uses a pair of neoclassical marble obelisks to decorate the desk. I always think an obelisk on a desk makes great decoration without taking up precious desk area.

And I spot yet another obelisk on the side table in Alexa Hampton's living room at Kips Bay! It add to the exotic richness of the room. 

In a living room decorated by Ingrao, Inc, they include a contemporary pair of obelisks on a very modern credenza along the wall. They work well on top of such an elaborate piece - adding decoration, but not conflicting.

The designers, Cullman and Kravis, use multiple obelisks in the sitting area of this sophisticated bedroom. The New York Times says that the designers 'looked for an abundance of sexual references that were also G-rated. Note the obelisk, said Ellie Cullman, the firm’s founder. “An upright element.” (We counted 24 in the room!). 

The shiny brass obelisk on the mantel draws your eye and complements the art. The fireplace is full of modern rock crystal obelisks of varying shades and sizes. 

I can't wait to go to visit Kips Bay to see all these obelisks for myself!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The art of the obelisk in English design

Spring is finally here, even if the weather in the Northeast of the US does not quite match. I have been struck by the obelisks in English homes in recent decorating publications. As obelisk lovers, these are fun to see, and get the creative ideas flowing!

In the Hampshire, England home of Jemma Kidd and Arthur Wellesley, a pair of smart obelisks grace the desk in the library. Elle Decor April 2014

In the London home of designer Bridie Hall the mantel is anchored by a pair of simple white marble obelisks. House & Garden, UK

In the Suffolk, England home of Trevor Pickett, a pair of etched mirrored obelisks sit on the mantel serving to not just add decoration, but to further frame the painting. I love the whole cozy sitting room! House & Garden, UK

This dressing room looks better with an obelisk! London home of artist and designer, Bridie Hall. House & Garden, UK

So easy to get English style - add some obelisks!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mirrored obelisks

Mirrored obelisks come in many sizes, and the mirrored surface is usually (if not always) etched with a decorative pattern. I think of mirrored obelisks as just a little bit feminine. That said, as I started the search for photos for this blog entry, I have to say that my opinion may be changing just a bit. Like most things, it probably depends on the context.

Via Pinterest

These colossal obelisks 'guard' an entry, and are quite stately. They are flanked in a very balanced scheme by chairs, and console tables topped with mirrors. The long hallway wall is thus filled up with an elegant decorative scheme, that is not too heavy in decorative appearance. The mirror give the obelisks a lighter presence.

Home of Trevor Pickett - House & Garden UK

This cozy house in Suffolk, England has many of the decorative elements I would expect in an English country house. The mantel top is anchored by a pair of 'sturdy' looking mirrored obelisks that have smoky glass as opposed to etching. They are not in the least 'girly', and work well in the cozy room. 

Designer: Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald knows how to create chic designs that are often quite opulent. This etched, mirrored obelisk on a dressing table, paired with a mirrored box, creates quite a feminine tableau. It has an appealing lightness of touch, and is beautifully decorative. 

From Chinoiserie Chic Blog

This pair of etched mirrored obelisks are quite similar to the one's above in Mary McDonald's scheme. They do have one additional design element with a platform for the obelisks. This pictures also looks like it might be a dressing table, and therefore sends a feminine message. 

Mirrored obelisks by their very nature have a lightness in the decorative scheme. They also usually have quite pretty etching that adds interest and keeps them from being too stark. They can be quite feminine when added to a dressing table. But a colossal pair can serve as a sentry to an entryway, and a smoked glass pair of study shaped design, can be quite suited to a masculine room.
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