Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All I want for.... is an obelisk!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I can't think of a more inspired gift (even for yourself!) than an obelisk or two! Here are just a few ways that an obelisk can work in a home.

Via Pinterest - David Hicks

David Hicks often used obelisks in his decorating. Here is a brilliant tableau created with a pair of modern blue obelisks on a mantel, surrounded by a display of wall mounted decorative discs. The obelisks become part of the artful display, and the color enhances the whole creation!

Via Pinterest - Interiors Magazine 2012

Rock crystal obelisks are highly sought after by decorators. Here are two of different sizes forming a display on a beautiful console table. The whole look makes a fabulous entry to a home! 

Via Pinterest

I love obelisks on a coffee table. They add such a wonderful decorative element. We often don't spend enough time thinking about our coffee tables as a place to create a display. In this picture, the table is modern and graced with a sleek black pair of obelisks, which look great against the white sofa. 

So, no matter how many obelisks your gift recipient has, another one or two can find a place in their home - mantel, coffee table, console, book shelf, kitchen counter.... Let me think of all the ways!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Newsletter - Obelisks in Classic & Modern Decor

I have a keen eye for spotting obelisks in magazines and on Pinterest! I am struck by the range of interior styles in which you find obelisks. They might be crowded on a console table with lots of classical objects, or sitting in a spare contemporary setting.

 Jean-Louis Denoit

 Lorenzo Castillo   


 From the New York Times

 Timothy Corrigan

via Belgian Pearls
From Only Obelisks here are a few obelisks to inspire!

These would fit well in a contemporary design:

Slate & Onyx - 15 3/4" tall

Tavertine with black & white marble - 19"tall

Black marble - 9 1/2" tall       
For the classical collector and decorator, here are just a few:

Antique Grand Tour marble & malachite - 23 1/2" tall

Specimen marble on brass plinths - 31 1/2" tall

Antique black & white marble - 17 1/4"tall

Please visit http://www.onlyobelisks.com for our full current offering of obelisks!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Collecting obelisks

For lovers of obelisks, collecting can be a passion bordering on obsession! There are so many styles, and they can look great together.

From the New York Times

All sizes and styles, and a few classical objects thrown in for good measure.

 Jean-Louis Denoit

Sleek and modern grouping in a chic Parisian apartment!

Via Belgian Pearls blog

This tableau is fabulous - the obelisks grouped around classical heads and urns on a beautiful console table!

The possibilities are endless!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mixing up your obelisk collection!

We often think of obelisks in pairs, but there is something to be said for a collection made of different sizes, materials, and styles for real interest. They are fun to collect as well, and by liberating yourself from pairs, you can be imaginative in creating your groupings.

Designer Robert Couturier

This classic tableau includes a grouping of crystal obelisks in different shapes and sizes. One way to build a grouping of mixed objects is to collect them in all the same material as Couturier did here with the rock crystal.

Designer Timothy Corrigan - Architectural Digest

Timothy Corrigan often uses obelisks in his designs. He must have such fun collecting them. In the top photo he fills a console table with all kinds of obelisks and sets them dramatically against a large mirror so you couldn't possibly miss them when in the room. Of course, the tallest one is a  black and white stripe demanding attention!

The next two photos illustrate another grouping of marble obelisks of different colors and sizes. They are set on a circular table in the center of the room with other classical objects making a wonderful visual anchor for the room.

Designer Oliver M. Furth

This collection of obelisks starts with a pair made of warm wood, and adds another tall wood obelisk along with two made of stone. They have varying proportions and plinths, and seem to work together like they were made for each other.

You can't go wrong just buying what you love, and they will somehow all work together to create a chic decorative focal point in the room.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crystal obelisks so very sleek!

I think any obelisk can work in contemporary decor, but there is no doubt that clear crystal looks very modern.

All via Houzz

Clear obelisks almost seem like ghosts in the room. They are there, but they don't take up any space. They look mysterious in a darkened room, and add glamour to a coffee table, the entryway, or on top of a book!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Inspiration from obelisks - Tres chic!

My eye is attuned to obelisks naturally! I feel like I see them in more places, and they always look chic.

This latest set of pictures is mostly assembled from Pinterest. I hope you enjoy.

Robert Couturier via a thoughful eye

In this Paris apartment a stone obelisk is made interesting by all the detail in the stone itself. It sits on a mantel against a wonderful periwinkle painted wall.

Studio Peregalli 

The classic Italian decorating firm, Studio Peregalli, does sumptuous interiors. These antique specimen marble obelisks look the part sitting on an antique table near damask covered chairs in this Venetian house.

Kit Kemp

I love everything Kit Kemp does. She is a master of color and a wonderful mixer of high and low objects to create interest. She and her husband own and operate Firmdale Hotels, all of which she decorates. This is their Charlotte Street Hotel in London with funky white stone/marble and brass obelisks on the mantel.

Architectural Digest

In the New Orleans home of adman Peter Rogers, he has created a warm and masculine bedroom with lots of wood and classic touches. The two obelisks of different heights and materials are joined on a console table under a mirror along with a yellow lion! Fun. 

Keep an eye out and you will see obelisks in the chicest of places!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brass obelisks

When I think of obelisks I most often conjure a marble, stone or rock crystal. But brass is not to be overlooked and has a handsome sort of appeal. I think library or study, or a masculine environment.

The designer, Grant Gibson, dresses up a Biedermeier dresser with a pair of brass obelisks. The article was about tips for decorating a rental. It's all about the details and the objects that move with you! Obelisks will practically fit in your suitcase. 

Designer Nate Berkus in Elle Decor

In this cool and modern Chicago apartment a pair of brass obelisks adds a layer of decorative detail to the coffee table.
From New England Home via Pinterest

A shiny pair of brass obelisks along with some stacked books decorate this interesting little table.

Brass can add a shine that attracts the eye, or antique ones develop a wonderful patina that gives them even more interest.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Entryway obelisks

What a great way to welcome your guests! The entryway sets the tone for the visit and obelisks will set the style.

Wonderful, simple pink granite obelisks picking up the color in the modern painting and the peach of the walls. 

http://www.lonny.com via Pinterest

Even a small entryway is enhanced by a console table with a tableau of your favorite pieces - including an obelisk!

In her Moroccan house, Paloma Picasso used a sleek table with some classic objects (and a polar bear!), including a single obelisk. 


Fun tableau with a single, simple crystal obelisk in the entry of the NY rental of Jessika Goranson. What a great way to make a rental your own!

Whatever your style, adding an obelisk will always work and enhance the entry tableau.

Monday, May 27, 2013

The perfect obelisks for 'masculine' decor!

Of course I believe that obelisks fit in to any decorating scheme! But some obelisks seem to work their best in a smart decor of chic neutrals with patterns limited to stripes and blocks of color. I have called this 'masculine' largely because it seems the opposite of feminine decor which might be associated with more pattern.

The decor of the 1817 Claverack, NY house of Bruce Shostak and Craig Fitt is a master of understated chic. The living room has such a wonderful grey paint for the walls, and fabric accents are limited to solids and subtle stripes. The library (top photo) has an original mantel piece which is topped by 2 pairs of sleek black marble obelisks of different sizes. They serve as the accent to the Federal mirror. Both photos from Architectural Digest.

I love the style of the Spanish decorator, Lorenzo Castillo. The first two photos are from his own home. The room has a soft grey for the walls, and a simple color scheme of mostly white with black, and a touch of blue. The obelisks on the mantel have two types of marble, both in neutral tones. They make a statement, but don't shout. The third photo is from one of his projects. The modern black obelisk stands among other classic objects in a grey color scheme. The tableau is wonderfully graphic, and a chic mix of modern and antique.

Mary McDonald is one of my favorite decorators. In the top photo above, she has kept the color palate very simple with grey walls and blue velvet curtains. The furniture lets the painted wood make the statement against the white upholstered chairs. The green malachite obelisks and the green ceramic jars pop with their contrasting color. The whole decor is chic and deceptively simple.

The photo on the bottom is a masculine treasure trove of hunting trophies jumping off the black painted walls. The green malachite obelisks on the mantel also pop, and the modern rock crystal obelisk standing next to a saw bill from a shark. This is the work of the decorators Creel and Gow.

Regardless of whether 'masculine' is the right description, a simple color scheme with a minimum of pattern welcomes sleek and simple obelisks as well!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Obelisks in modern decor - Jeffers Design Group

Jeffers Design Group designs clean modern interiors. Obelisks draw the eye, and add a classic but modern decorative element.

I love the attention to decorative detail in their work. The obelisks might be in balanced pairs, or a single obelisk part of a collective scheme.
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